How To Register Your Domain Name In Ghana 2022-2023 Easy Guide


Wondering how you can register your domain name and get cheaper hosting in Ghana in just a minute click?

Wondering how you can register your domain name and get cheaper hosting in Ghana in just a minute click?

This post is to guide you on some easy steps to get your domain registered without so much stress or being scammed by people for your registration.

About Domain Name Registration

A domain is merely an Internet address that identifies a certain web page.

However, the Domain Name System (DNS) aids with navigation on the Internet. A unique address is assigned to each machine connected to the Internet. This address is a long series of integers known as an “IP address” (IP stands for “Internet Protocol”). Because IP addresses are difficult to remember, the DNS makes it easier to utilize the Internet by allowing users to use a recognizable string of letters (the “domain name”) instead of a cryptic IP address.

Therefore, A website or a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) are not the same as your domain name (URL). While some people believe that just because you have a domain name doesn’t imply you have a website, they don’t realize that a domain name is similar to a street address for receiving mail: letters and parcels must still be delivered to a building or post office box. To make your Internet presence recognized by your domain name functional and visible to others, you must buy, find, or install services such as web hosting or email.

What means can I pay for the registration of my domain?

Today, web hosting businesses have made it quick and straightforward to acquire and register your desired domain names at lower costs by using local and international approved payment channels in Ghana and Africa, such as;

  1. MTN Mobile Money
  2. Paypal
  3. Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies
  4. Bank Wires and Local Transfers
  5. Payments with credit and visa cards


How To Register Your Domain Name In Ghana

Below are some simple steps to get your domain registered in Ghana;

  • StormerHost Web Hosting Company
    Stormerhost; they are one of Ghana’s and Africa’s most popular web hosting firms. Their headquarters are in Accra, specifically Dansoman.

Stormerhost also lets you buy or register a domain and accept MTN mobile money payments. They accept not just MTN mobile money, but also Paypal, Bitcoin, Visa and Credit card payments, as well as bank transfers and wire transfers.

Also, they are one of Ghana’s greatest web hosting firms. We host two of our websites there, and we can confidently recommend them to anyone looking to buy or register a domain name.

They offer benefits such as;

i. Refund Policy

ii. Customer service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

iv. SSD Servers with Quick Response Times

  • Ovation Hall: One of Ghana’s greatest web hosting providers is Ovation Hall. Their major goal is to use clever ideas to help businesses prosper online. This allows them to ensure that all websites hosted with them are supported, as well as provide guidance to companies and people.

They give all forms of web hosting services at inexpensive and acceptable costs, much like other web hosting in Ghana.

Their cost-effective hosting options are as follows:

I. WordPress Hosting, for starters

ii. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

  • Nakrotech: Nakroteck is a well-known web hosting company in Ghana. They are similar to Stomerhost, with whom I also host some of my websites. Nakroteck includes all of the features that a good web host should have.

Nakroteck is a Ghanaian web hosting firm based in Abeka Lapaz. Their major goal is to assist businesses in properly integrating their operations with the internet, starting with fundamental building blocks such as a website.

Nakroteck also offers the following services:

i. Money-Back Promise

ii. Live help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

iii. 99.9% uptime on the server

Not only that, but they also offer nearly all of the hosting services that a reputable web host should.

In regards to payment choices, they’re similar to Stormerhost. They accept payments via:

Payments are accepted by Visa and Mastercard, MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash

  • D-Tech Ghana: D-Tech Ghana is also the top Web hosting business in Africa, offering excellent service to its customers. Dtech has been established in 2009, and its major goal is to provide businesses and clients with the resources they need to improve their lives and expand their enterprises by using the web and internet technologies.

They have more than 500K gigabytes of monthly traffic and 8 million business correspondences conveyed through their platform on a monthly basis.

Dtech is an excellent web hosting company in Africa, much like the other reputable web hosting businesses.

i. Provide client service 24/7

ii. Make SMS texting available

iii. Make Enterprise Mobility a Reality

Not to mention that they offer all web hosting services at very inexpensive costs.

Easy Steps To Register Your Domain With Your Mobile Money

1. Stormerhost’s Official Website (Hop-On Stormerhost)

2. Register for an account. (You may log in using your Google Account to avoid having to go through a long process of forgetting your password.)

3. The price of a domain name is now only 55 Cedis on there.

4. Now, provide the billing information that is required.

5. Finally, use Mobile Money to make a payment. (You will be given a pin to enter so that your payment can be verified.)

6. Immediately after payment, you will receive an invoice from Stormerhost in your email.

7. Rejoice!! You now have ownership of the domain name you registered or paid for.

Note: Follow this guide to have your Domain Name Registered with Ease. you can share with us your experience in the comment section .


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